One Year Lived – The $19,420.68 Business Lesson

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One Year Lived by Adam ShepardAdam Shepard calls himself an author, speaker, and instigator.

Instigator? Hmmm… color me intrigued.

Small business owners, particularly entrepreneurs, tend to walk their own path. Our very natures demand we share insights and ideas that some consider odd or downright crazy.

An instigator should fit right in.

But a travel book? While I personally love traveling what the heck did this have to do with business? Or in my case small business finance?


And yes I was surprised by that. Let’s dig into…

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Boost Your Blog’s Traffic & Profit with Blog Engage

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Fluffy Blog Engage Blog SyndicationYou have a blog for your business. Great! Has anyone read it? Does anyone (other than your mom) know it exists?

Maybe you do get traffic, but the comments look like the message at the end of that childhood telephone game – garbled beyond recognition. And all the so-called authors have linked back to some sort of spammy site.

Generating targeted traffic to your website is a crucial component of online success.
But who has the time? Or the budget?

Blog Engage is a Cost Effective Way to Drive Real Traffic
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Hitting the Wall – Motivation for Small Biz to Reach Your Profit Goals

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Number Muncher hits small business wallEvery runner on the planet knows what it’s like to “hit the wall”. Your legs are filled with lead. Your lungs have shrunk to the size of a pea. Visions of cold water dance in your head. All you want to do is just give up.

Every small business owner, entrepreneur, and freelancer hits the wall.

Your new business leads have dried up like the Sahara Desert. Your cash is flowing out, not in. The grass must be greener somewhere, anywhere else. All you want to do is just give up.

Experienced runners know, if you can just hang in a little longer it does get easier.

Here’s how to tear down, scale, or break through that small business wall.
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BHAG Monster Gets New Home – Jennifer “Scraps” Walker

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Sadly, it was time for the BHAG Monster (Big Hairy Audacious Goal Monster) to leave for his new home. BHAG was sent to me by Tea Silvestre, The Word Chef, in recognition of completing my book How to be a Finance Rock Star.

Once BHAG finished hanging out with Fluffy the Finance Feline (there’s video evidence right here), I was to pick another worthy achievement and send him on.

Heavy with the burden of choosing a worth participant (am I laying it on a bit thick?), I looked far and wide for the right person. I realized the perfect choice was right under my nose. Jennifer “Scraps” Walker, the illustrator extraordinaire of Fluffy & Co, had just released her first Comic Cookbook What to Feed Your Raiding Party.

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Using Community to Power Profits

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Using Community for Profit
As a small business owner do you feel alone? Frustrated? Wishing for a regular 9 to 5 job (horror!) simply to enjoy some water cooler talk?

Perhaps you dream of your own, super successful, online tribe. I’ve always wondered if those exclusive, VIP, secret entrance, James Bond-esque clubs exist. Do I need a single use drop box to join?


Back to business.

Water cooler discussions, and their online equivalents, continue to exist because they serve a purpose. They build community. Managed properly that community can be an asset.

Be warned – mismanaged, bloated, or neglected communities can become business quicksand.

How to Use Community to Power Your Small Business Profits
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Scooby Doo to the (Mentor) Rescue

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Remember those old episodes of Scooby Doo where the villain would be unmasked at the end?

The sweet old grandma was really a dirty rotten scoundrel. Ghosts were actually people and dirty rotten scoundrels. Monsters were actually people and dirty rotten scoundrels. All unmasked by Scooby and the gang before they could do any permanent harm.

Wouldn’t you love to have that same unmasking power when selecting and working with mentors?

I’ve had some fantastic mentors in my career. They’ve helped me get to the next level, heck the next five levels. I’m thankful to all past, present and future mentors for their insights and encouragement.

Sadly, I’ve also had a couple mentors who were really just wearing masks. The problem was that I couldn’t see the masks for a long time. My business, my vision, and even my self-confidence paid the price.

Read on for the cliff notes version of my lessons learned – Scooby snacks sold separately.

Scooby Doo’s Rules for Mentor Success
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Email Lists – Profit is NOT by the Numbers

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Email List Cash CowDo you think your email list is a cash cow?

Do you believe if you get enough people on your list the money will just roll in?

Are you convinced a certain template will magically convert droves of subscribers?

The harsh reality is that you can’t paint by the numbers and hope to get a Picasso. You might get a nice picture of dogs playing cards, but is that really what you want? If profiting from email was really that simple wouldn’t we all be rich?

This post is part of the June Word Carnival. The topic is The Care and Feeding of Your Email List. Click the link to get a variety of perspectives from an amazing group of small business experts.

How to Profit from Painting Outside the (Email List) Lines
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