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America’s Most Wanted: Scope Creep

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Scope Creep Losing Profits
Move over Stranger Danger.

The biggest bad guy in town is now Scope Creep.

He’s a sneaky one. Convincing you that just one more freebie, upsell or phone call won’t bite into your profits.

Instead of candy he offers the promise of clients who just can’t stop talking about you. He paints a vision of customer zealots who will erect monuments to your greatness.

As you lean in to claim this amazing bounty he grabs your profits and makes a run for it.

What can you do? For the sake of profits everywhere, you must learn…

How to Contain the Creep
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Keystone Controversy

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Who is this Keystone character?

It’s actually not a person, a place, or even a thing.

Keystoning is the practice of setting your price at double your wholesale cost. The term is most commonly used in a retail environment; however, there are practical applications in all lines of business.

Should you use Keystoning?
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How Inflation Is Stealing Your Profits

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inflation steals small business profits

I know you’re thinking you know all about inflation.   Who doesn’t know about inflation?  Who hasn’t heard the terms “inflation adjusted” or “inflation indexed”?

The real question is do you know the many hidden ways inflation steals the profit right out of your business?

Don’t believe me?

Shocking example of this profit thief at work.

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College Keggers Teach Complex Expense Concepts

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college kegger business learning

Yes I attended a kegger or two while I was going to college.

I seem to recall a few whopatoolis thrown in.

Then there was my graduation party, the one my parents did not attend.

I’m sure you have a few *ahem* hazy memories of your own.

Discover how you were studying complex expense concepts!
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