No Cost, Risk Free Start-Up Business Idea | Jim Beach

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Jim Beach School for StartupsRecently I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Beach, of The Entrepreneur School on my Blog Talk Radio show SmallBizFinance.

Jim is an amazing entrepreneur, who has proven time and time again that start-ups can be quickly profitable without risking a lot of capital. Lessons learned and insightful case studies are shared in his new book School for Startups: The Breakthrough Course for Guaranteeing Small Business Success in 90 Days or Less.

As a follow-up to the live interview, Jim wanted to share a no cost, risk free start-up business idea. You read that right, he is freely sharing a viable business idea right here, right now. Thanks Jim!

Learn Jim’s No Cost, Risk Free Start-Up Idea Now!
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Turning Lemons Into a Whole Lemonade Business | Interview with Haralee Weintraub

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While I’m always happy to highlight and share entrepreneurial success stories, I felt that given October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month this would be a perfect time to interview Haralee Weintraub. Haralee was definitely handed some lemons in life, not content to just make lemonade she started a whole business of manufacturing lemonade!

Haralee is the # 1 USA producer of Moisture Wicking sleepwear for women. I had a chance to grill speak with the Founder and CEO herself, Haralee Weintraub. Listen in and see why she is an amazing entrepreneur.

Manufacturing in USA Success Story
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The Gender of Finance with Carol Roth

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Carol Roth Small Business Finance Forum InterviewDoes gender play a role in finance? The overall online world? Carol Roth offers her insights in a fascinating discussion with yours truly, Chief Numbers Whisperer Nicole Fende.

For all the men reading this, we need your perspective.

Chime in. I know you’ve got an opinion.

A big shout out to Margie Clayman (@margieclayman) who inspired this discussion with a blog post titled A Few Observations on Gender Online. Be sure to check it out.

Watch Carol Point Out My Spinach
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Wanderlust + Startup = Suitcase Entrepreneur

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Natalie Sisson The Suitcase Entrepreneur
Most people start their own business so they can stop living out of a suitcase.

Not this trail blazer. Natalie Sisson wanted a business that provided the freedom to live a nomadic lifestyle.
Being a travel lover myself, I was intrigued by this model.

Here’s my interview with Natalie about her business and her latest product offering, The Ultimate Toolkit.

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