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Three Exit Plans for Solopreneurs

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If you haven’t thought about leaving your business, you should do so, because it affects today’s decision making. Your plan for leaving your business is known as an Exit Plan, and yes, even Solopreneurs have them. It’s helpful to know what your plan is because you need to optimize your activities toward your goal.

Before we get into the three exit strategies, realize that many traditional business exit plans–i.e. IPOs, mergers, acquisition, etc.–are off the table for Solopreneurs, leaving you only with three viable options.

The Three Little Pig Houses (Exit Plans) For Solopreneurs
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3 Easy Ways to Tackle Your Taxes

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This time of year always makes me bloody minded.

I have this image of a machete wielding crazy person hacking at my financial statements. I might even be the crazy person.

Yes even I, the numbers geek, do not enjoy this annual ritual.

Good news. There’s a way to put an end to this scary movie right now.

3 Easy Ways to Cut Your Tax Trauma Down to Size
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Is Your Customer the Elephant in the Room?

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Let’s play a game….get out a piece of paper and write down the names of three people closest to you.

Maybe your mom, maybe your husband or maybe your best friend. Now pretend that you need to buy each of those people a gift, what would you give them?

Go ahead….I’ll wait :)
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Don’t Chase the Loch Ness VA

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Loch Ness Monster

Are you chasing that mythical Social Media Virtual Assistant who will solve all your problems and only charge you 4 USD per hour?

I know many experts and gurus claim you can outsource all sorts of things to third world countries and make a killing.

Of course they don’t say it like that. They throw around phrases like “cost of living differential” and claim you can get the same talent for pennies on the dollar.

I say B.S.

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