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Cage Match: Sales vs. Finance

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Profit Cage Match Sales vs. Finance

Given Americans love affair with boxing, pro-wrestling and now the UFC I thought it was time to host my very own small biz smackdown.

That’s right. It’s time for the first ever…

Profit Cage Match!
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Finance Improv

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finance improv grow profitI love to laugh. Even more, I love to have others laugh with me.

In fact, my less than lady like guffaws have been known to infect entire groups of people.

After countless hours of research (and belly laughs), I have come up with proven techniques that will have you laughing all the way to the bank!

Improv Techniques to Boost Your Bottom Line
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Don’t be the Milkman

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Dont be the Milkman

When I was young…

I mean younger


When I was a 5 year old kid.

We had a milkman who delivered milk right to our door. If my Mother wasn’t home, he left it in a galvanized metal box on our doorstep.

No we weren’t rich. No it wasn’t Uncle Joe who had 10 dairy cattle. It just was. Average people had fresh milk delivered on a regular basis.

Not anymore. So what happened to the traditional Milkman? He became extinct.

The Milkman’s entire existence was based on one method of delivery.

When people stopped using home delivery, they stopped using him. Sales is essentially distribution and delivery.

Don’t let your sales become extinct.
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