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The Rabbit, the Snake and the Irish Setter

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The Rabbit, the snake and the irish setter
This unusual grouping of animals has a great finance story to tell.

Really. They do.

Have you ever wondered when you should sit tight and when is the time for action?

Numbers geeks aren’t the only ones who can get caught up in the dreaded affliction Analysis Paralysis.

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes with an Irish Setter you know that they never suffer from this terrible disease. While I love my dog (that’s her in the picture), she was not bred for brains but beauty and a great nose.

Schools in, and my flaky Irish Setter is running the show!
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Spice Up Your Biz with a Dash of Risk

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by Dr. Shannon Reece
Risk?! Are you crazy?! In this economy?

Yes, taking a bit of risk might be just what you need to spice up your overly stagnant business income right now.

Why? Because doing the same thing is only going to keep producing the same results.

I am not talking about Vegas, Baby!
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