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What if Romeo had used a dating service?

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find and connect with profitable customers
Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet. Everyone also knows it ended in tragedy.

Do you sometimes feel that your new client efforts are destined to a similar sad fate?

If only Romeo (or Juliet) had used a professional matchmaker, or even an online dating service. They may have both found someone more appropriate, and lived to see the age of 20.

Think you don’t have their problems?

Have you ever had a customer that cost you money?
Spent your marketing budget hand over fist without a single new client to show for it?
Or simply wondered where you might find a good customer?

3 Ways to Keep New Customer Efforts from Becoming a Tragedy
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America’s Most Wanted: Scope Creep

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Scope Creep Losing Profits
Move over Stranger Danger.

The biggest bad guy in town is now Scope Creep.

He’s a sneaky one. Convincing you that just one more freebie, upsell or phone call won’t bite into your profits.

Instead of candy he offers the promise of clients who just can’t stop talking about you. He paints a vision of customer zealots who will erect monuments to your greatness.

As you lean in to claim this amazing bounty he grabs your profits and makes a run for it.

What can you do? For the sake of profits everywhere, you must learn…

How to Contain the Creep
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Take Your Profits Multi-Platinum

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Rock Your Profits 2011 Tour BuxAre your profit goals as elusive as Big Foot?

Frustrated with financial gobbledygook?

Rather watch paint dry than crunch numbers?

There is a solution!
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