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Are You Stealing from Your Profitability (and don’t even know it)? by @StephCalahan

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Are you stealing your own profitsby Stephanie LH Calahan

I’m starting today’s post with three thoughts that I find people often share on Facebook or re-tweet on Twitter when I post them.

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.

You can be busy all day and still have gotten nothing done.

Time is money – use yours wisely.

Why it that people relate to those statements so much that they share them consistently? Is because deep down, way in the recesses of our mind; we believe that we are stealing from ourselves?

I don’t steal from myself! That would be crazy!
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Escape From Land of the Lost (No Time Machine Required)

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Escape from the Land of the Lost and Save MoneyAs a kid I loved watching the TV show Land of the Lost. What could be more interesting than the adventures of a regular family trying to survive in the age of dinosaurs while fighting off Sleestaks (what were they anyway, aliens?). Being a series you knew they’d never find a time machine, but it was fun watching them try.

In business it can be easy to feel like this family, desperate to avoid getting eaten by a T-Rex (your big competitors) while wishing that a time machine really did exist to add more hours to your day.

Fear not, I’m here to help you Escape from the Land of Lost Business Owners!

How To Get More Done To Make More Money
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Mapping Your Energy Can Result In Increased Profits

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mapping energy levels increases your profitby Kirsten Simmons

Sounds like a pretty tenuous connection, doesn’t it? Energy cycles and your bank account.

But, if you stop to think about it, there’s a reasonably direct connection.

Think about where your money comes from. Whether or not you sell products, consulting, or work a 9-5 job, you’re essentially engaging in some form of trading time for money.

It might take a more roundabout route – you put time into creating value, and you’re reimbursed later when people purchase the valuable thing you’ve created.

So then, we can draw a fairly direct line between your time and your profits. Even in a 9-5 you’re still not going to be employed for long if you don’t provide some sort of value.

But where do your energy levels come into the picture?
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10 Minute To-Do Will Save You Hours in Your Year

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Time Is Money Productivity Small Business Financeby Stephanie LH Calahan

I know that you have heard the phrase “time is money”, but have you ever considered what that really means to you and your business?

The very simple and small things that you do or don’t do add up to really big numbers that impact your productivity.

Every minute you are more productive, your business grows.

Today I will share one simple thing that you can do that when added up will save you hours.
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