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Don’t be the Milkman

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Dont be the Milkman

When I was young…

I mean younger


When I was a 5 year old kid.

We had a milkman who delivered milk right to our door. If my Mother wasn’t home, he left it in a galvanized metal box on our doorstep.

No we weren’t rich. No it wasn’t Uncle Joe who had 10 dairy cattle. It just was. Average people had fresh milk delivered on a regular basis.

Not anymore. So what happened to the traditional Milkman? He became extinct.

The Milkman’s entire existence was based on one method of delivery.

When people stopped using home delivery, they stopped using him. Sales is essentially distribution and delivery.

Don’t let your sales become extinct.
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The Rabbit, the Snake and the Irish Setter

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The Rabbit, the snake and the irish setter
This unusual grouping of animals has a great finance story to tell.

Really. They do.

Have you ever wondered when you should sit tight and when is the time for action?

Numbers geeks aren’t the only ones who can get caught up in the dreaded affliction Analysis Paralysis.

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes with an Irish Setter you know that they never suffer from this terrible disease. While I love my dog (that’s her in the picture), she was not bred for brains but beauty and a great nose.

Schools in, and my flaky Irish Setter is running the show!
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Spice Up Your Biz with a Dash of Risk

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by Dr. Shannon Reece
Risk?! Are you crazy?! In this economy?

Yes, taking a bit of risk might be just what you need to spice up your overly stagnant business income right now.

Why? Because doing the same thing is only going to keep producing the same results.

I am not talking about Vegas, Baby!
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Hunt Alligators or Knit with Grandma?

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Small business risk assessmentHunting alligators offers a unique experience and the opportunity to get your very own authentic alligator boots.

Risks for this include the alligators themselves, firearms (think Cheney “peppering” his hunting buddy) and giant Texas mosquitoes.

Knitting with Grandma allows for quality time, socializing and a chance for her to share one of her favorite activities.

Of course you may hate knitting, wearing anything knitted, and inadvertently nod off in your rocking chair.

Both offer some great benefits, and both have drawbacks.

Unfortunately in business, the benefits and risks are not always obvious, so…

I’ve created a quick, easy and fun risk assessment for you!
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Don’t Trust Me

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Really. Don’t trust me.

If I shouldn’t trust you then why am I reading this blog?

Good question.

I don’t want your trust.

I want your respect.

Trust can be the silent enemy of your business.
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