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10 Minute To-Do Will Save You Hours in Your Year

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Time Is Money Productivity Small Business Financeby Stephanie LH Calahan

I know that you have heard the phrase “time is money”, but have you ever considered what that really means to you and your business?

The very simple and small things that you do or don’t do add up to really big numbers that impact your productivity.

Every minute you are more productive, your business grows.

Today I will share one simple thing that you can do that when added up will save you hours.
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Rarely Of Interest (ROI Revisited)

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I’ve decided that ROI needs a new definition.

That’s right, I’m starting a campaign to change the definition of ROI from

Return on Investment
Rarely of Interest


As you can see the evil Number Muncher is stomping all over ROI, and is leading people to make poor decisions. Maybe if I change the name he’ll move on to something else.

Fortunately he’s really not very bright.

Uncover 3 Secrets Number Muncher is Trying to Hide
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Stack the Odds, Fix the Game

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Double down, ante, hold, all-in, bluff…

You probably recognize these common gambling terms.

What about muck, tilt, parlay, or cold dice?

Don’t know what these mean? That’s okay, neither did I (keep reading and you will).

I used to say I wasn’t a gambler. My idea of going crazy at a casino is playing the $3 craps table until my $20 is gone.

Then I realized I AM a gambler. All entrepreneurs and small business owners are gamblers. We just know how to stack the odds in our favor. Once I embraced this concept, a simple, effective budgeting tool was born.

Welcome to Small Biz Casino Night, it’s time to place your bets for 2011!
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