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Scooby Doo to the (Mentor) Rescue

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Remember those old episodes of Scooby Doo where the villain would be unmasked at the end?

The sweet old grandma was really a dirty rotten scoundrel. Ghosts were actually people and dirty rotten scoundrels. Monsters were actually people and dirty rotten scoundrels. All unmasked by Scooby and the gang before they could do any permanent harm.

Wouldn’t you love to have that same unmasking power when selecting and working with mentors?

I’ve had some fantastic mentors in my career. They’ve helped me get to the next level, heck the next five levels. I’m thankful to all past, present and future mentors for their insights and encouragement.

Sadly, I’ve also had a couple mentors who were really just wearing masks. The problem was that I couldn’t see the masks for a long time. My business, my vision, and even my self-confidence paid the price.

Read on for the cliff notes version of my lessons learned – Scooby snacks sold separately.

Scooby Doo’s Rules for Mentor Success
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Is Your Biz Cash Low? Use Bartering to Grow!

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Does the idea of bartering conjure up images of a swap meet? Perhaps it brings back memories of grade school lunchtime; wheeling and dealing PBJ’s and oatmeal cookies.

Do you believe that bartering “just doesn’t work”? Are you convinced only wannabe’s, noobs and criminals barter?

Think again!

Barter is a fantastic way to grow your business when cash is tight. It’s time to set the record straight on barter, and how you can use barter to prosper.

Debunking the bad reputation of bartering
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Creative Finance That Won’t Get You Arrested

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When you hear the words creative and finance together what comes to mind?

Tax evasion?
The Mafia?

Fear not!

I’ve got some great ideas for you and they are all completely legal.

Right Brain Finance – No Jail Time Involved
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These aren’t the shakes you’re looking for

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In the original Star Wars movie there is a classic scene where Obi Wan Kenobi uses The Force to convince Stormtroopers (the bad guys) that the droids he has aren’t the droids the bad guys want.

How does he do it?

He simply tells them, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” Add in a healthy dose of Jedi powers and presto, the bad guys tell him to move along. Pretty cool right?

Unfortunately I think some business owners and their employees have taken that scene a little too seriously. Jedi mind tricks don’t work in customer service. You can’t just tell me to move along and think that I will happily go about my business, forgetting about your horrible customer service.

Delusions of Jedi grandeur cost your business money.
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Turning Lemons Into a Whole Lemonade Business | Interview with Haralee Weintraub

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While I’m always happy to highlight and share entrepreneurial success stories, I felt that given October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month this would be a perfect time to interview Haralee Weintraub. Haralee was definitely handed some lemons in life, not content to just make lemonade she started a whole business of manufacturing lemonade!

Haralee is the # 1 USA producer of Moisture Wicking sleepwear for women. I had a chance to grill speak with the Founder and CEO herself, Haralee Weintraub. Listen in and see why she is an amazing entrepreneur.

Manufacturing in USA Success Story
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