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Email Lists – Profit is NOT by the Numbers

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Email List Cash CowDo you think your email list is a cash cow?

Do you believe if you get enough people on your list the money will just roll in?

Are you convinced a certain template will magically convert droves of subscribers?

The harsh reality is that you can’t paint by the numbers and hope to get a Picasso. You might get a nice picture of dogs playing cards, but is that really what you want? If profiting from email was really that simple wouldn’t we all be rich?

This post is part of the June Word Carnival. The topic is The Care and Feeding of Your Email List. Click the link to get a variety of perspectives from an amazing group of small business experts.

How to Profit from Painting Outside the (Email List) Lines
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For More Profit, Just Add Quirks

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Would you buy a finance book from this person? Listen to her advice on pricing? Ask her to help with your cash flow issues?

If your answer was “Heck Yeah!” you’ve just made it past my velvet rope. Here’s your VIP pass and welcome drink.

Think you don’t need a velvet rope? Reflect for a minute on any well attended, high dollar event. There’s always a VIP entrance. If you really want to get into the event and desire the full experience you’ll pay for that VIP Pass. If the event was only a passing fancy you may wait in line, or you may just leave.

Embracing your quirks creates a profitable velvet rope. It intrigues and attracts people who desire your products and services. And they’re willing to pay.

Wondering who this is in the picture? Keep reading to find out.

Learn how to turn your quirks into a profit boosting velvet rope!
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Outsourcing to Upsize Your Small Business Profits

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Grow your profits with outsourcing
If you’ve ever eaten at McD’s (I blush to admit I love their fries), you know they’ll ask if you want to super size your meal. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go into the Small Biz Store and super size your profits?

While it may seem counter intuitive at first, paying someone else to do certain things can actually improve your bottom line. The trick is to know when and what to outsource.

Now our villainous Number Muncher would love for you to think all outsourcing is bad, or convince you to to outsource the wrong things. Luckily I’m on to his villainous plot, and with the help of a few friends, will help you outwit his dastardly designs.

Time to Upsize Your Bottom Line!
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Escape From Land of the Lost (No Time Machine Required)

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Escape from the Land of the Lost and Save MoneyAs a kid I loved watching the TV show Land of the Lost. What could be more interesting than the adventures of a regular family trying to survive in the age of dinosaurs while fighting off Sleestaks (what were they anyway, aliens?). Being a series you knew they’d never find a time machine, but it was fun watching them try.

In business it can be easy to feel like this family, desperate to avoid getting eaten by a T-Rex (your big competitors) while wishing that a time machine really did exist to add more hours to your day.

Fear not, I’m here to help you Escape from the Land of Lost Business Owners!

How To Get More Done To Make More Money
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What if Romeo had used a dating service?

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find and connect with profitable customers
Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet. Everyone also knows it ended in tragedy.

Do you sometimes feel that your new client efforts are destined to a similar sad fate?

If only Romeo (or Juliet) had used a professional matchmaker, or even an online dating service. They may have both found someone more appropriate, and lived to see the age of 20.

Think you don’t have their problems?

Have you ever had a customer that cost you money?
Spent your marketing budget hand over fist without a single new client to show for it?
Or simply wondered where you might find a good customer?

3 Ways to Keep New Customer Efforts from Becoming a Tragedy
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