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Email Lists – Profit is NOT by the Numbers

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Email List Cash CowDo you think your email list is a cash cow?

Do you believe if you get enough people on your list the money will just roll in?

Are you convinced a certain template will magically convert droves of subscribers?

The harsh reality is that you can’t paint by the numbers and hope to get a Picasso. You might get a nice picture of dogs playing cards, but is that really what you want? If profiting from email was really that simple wouldn’t we all be rich?

This post is part of the June Word Carnival. The topic is The Care and Feeding of Your Email List. Click the link to get a variety of perspectives from an amazing group of small business experts.

How to Profit from Painting Outside the (Email List) Lines
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Outsourcing to Upsize Your Small Business Profits

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Grow your profits with outsourcing
If you’ve ever eaten at McD’s (I blush to admit I love their fries), you know they’ll ask if you want to super size your meal. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go into the Small Biz Store and super size your profits?

While it may seem counter intuitive at first, paying someone else to do certain things can actually improve your bottom line. The trick is to know when and what to outsource.

Now our villainous Number Muncher would love for you to think all outsourcing is bad, or convince you to to outsource the wrong things. Luckily I’m on to his villainous plot, and with the help of a few friends, will help you outwit his dastardly designs.

Time to Upsize Your Bottom Line!
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Put Your Time Where Their Money Is (Get Paid To Do Your Market Research)

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Max the Math Mutt Market Research Crystal Ball
Are you sick of developing products only to see dismal sales?

Do you feel like you’re playing Russian Roulette when you develop a new service?

Do you wish you could afford to do market research?

Good news – I can help.

Learn how to research your target market, and get paid to do it!
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Is Your Biz Cash Low? Use Bartering to Grow!

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Does the idea of bartering conjure up images of a swap meet? Perhaps it brings back memories of grade school lunchtime; wheeling and dealing PBJ’s and oatmeal cookies.

Do you believe that bartering “just doesn’t work”? Are you convinced only wannabe’s, noobs and criminals barter?

Think again!

Barter is a fantastic way to grow your business when cash is tight. It’s time to set the record straight on barter, and how you can use barter to prosper.

Debunking the bad reputation of bartering
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I appreciate YOU – let me show you

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If you live in the U.S. you are gearing up for the big Thanksgiving holiday.

Thursday is turkey day, eaten with family while watching football (Go Packers!).

Black Friday is filled with hordes of people hitting stores trying to capitalize on the day’s sales.

Historically Thanksgiving was meant as a time to stop and appreciate all the good things in your life. I am very fortunate and have many things to be thankful for. There is one in particular I want to share.

I am grateful for you.

As my current clients, past clients, future clients, and supportive colleagues you have made my life richer and business stronger.

To show my appreciation let me help you end 2011 on a high note and set you up for success in 2012.

I’ve created a quick and easy survey for you to share your needs and thoughts with me. Which services or tools do you need most to make this happen? What burning issues are you wrestling with? This survey is your chance to set the direction of my business and get the help you need.

Click here to tell me how I can best serve you and your business.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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