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Fluffy Blog Engage Blog SyndicationYou have a blog for your business. Great! Has anyone read it? Does anyone (other than your mom) know it exists?

Maybe you do get traffic, but the comments look like the message at the end of that childhood telephone game – garbled beyond recognition. And all the so-called authors have linked back to some sort of spammy site.

Generating targeted traffic to your website is a crucial component of online success.
But who has the time? Or the budget?

Blog Engage is a Cost Effective Way to Drive Real Traffic

I’ve been using the services of Blog Engage for nearly two years now. As The Numbers Whisperer®, I’m sure you can appreciate I regularly revisit my tools and the return on them. I’m busy, and I’m careful with my money – Blog Engage delivers results on a small time investment for a very reasonable cost.

Blog Syndication with

What is blog syndication?
According to Wikipedia, blog syndication is when “website material is made available to multiple other sites. Most commonly, web syndication refers to making web feeds available from a site in order to provide other people with a summary or update of the website’s recently added content.”

Think of your favorite popular columnist. Their column appears in your local newspaper, as well as local newspapers around the country. Online syndication does this same thing for your blog posts.

How can you profit from blog syndication?
Content may be king, but if you have no traffic it’s like ruling Nauru. Yes that’s a real country. It has a population of less than 10,000 people.

Syndicating your blog enables you to reach new audiences, and generate new traffic, without costing the earth. In addition, syndicating on reputable websites also creates valuable backlinks. When search engines, such as Google, are analyzing a website’s relevance, backlinks from well regarded websites improves your ranking.

Blog Engage User StatisticsWhy is Blog Engage a great way to syndicate?
It’s simple. Blog Engage is a reputable website, with real participants and a large reach.

Let’s start with reputation. Do you ask your crazy cousin for business advice or your self-made millionaire aunt? Blog Engage has a Google Page Rank of 4. On the date of publishing this post, Blog Engage Alexa Global Traffic Ranking was 10,760. That means of all the billions of websites online, only 10,759 websites were visited more often. (You can check your websites ranking by going to

Blog Engage does not accept spammy posts, and will yank your feed if it does not meet their quality criteria. In addition, as you can see by the screen shot I posted, people are actively commenting and interacting. With more than 2,700 members and over 15,000 comments you’ve got a vibrant community.

Another benefit is knowing the audience. For my business all the members of the Blog Engage community are potential clients, as they are all in business. I have the ability to reach 2,700 legitimate new customer leads.

If you are B2C, think of all the possibilities in joining forces with others trying to reach that same audience. Posts are segmented by topic, and there are even groups you can join to further that cooperation.

Contests & Giveaways via Blog Engage

Brian Belfitt, the founder of Blog Engage, does a great job of creating and promoting blogging contests that offer some serious cash prizes. As you can see from the screenshot below, Brian sponsored and promoted a guest blogging opportunity in 2012 with a $1,000 cash prize.

Blog Engage Contest 1000

To find out about current contests, simply click Live Contests in the menu.

As a Business Plus customer I’m automatically sponsoring things. Brian does it for me.

Yes you read that correctly. Since I’m on the Business Plus plan, Brian sets up and blogs about the contests that I automatically sponsor. At this time it’s worked out to about one per year. Here are the links to see it in action:

Nicole’s Free Blog Engage Spotlight Giveaway
Nicole’s Gold Membership Giveaway

You can see why I have the Business Plus plan with Blog Engage.

Featured Spotlight on Blog Engage

While there are less expensive plans than Business Plus, and those are a great way to get your feet wet, I believe that Business Plus gives you the best return on your money. The Featured Spotlight is another reason why it’s my top pick.

As a Business Plus subscriber you get a Featured Spotlight written about you, by Brian Belfitt (the Founder!), posted and promoted right on BlogEngage.

Blog Engage Post SpotlightBrian doesn’t just grab a few sentences from your website, throw them in WordPress and hit post. He gets to know you and describes your business in his own words. You qualify for a spotlight when you become a Business Plus or Direct to Front Page subscriber. Brian also revisits long time clients (like me!) giving them another Featured Spotlight.

You can read them yourself right here:
Finance without Fear
Control Your Money with Nicole Fende
Where to go to grow your profits

Even More Goodies with Blog Engage

The following additional features are worth noting, some start with even the Standard Plan.

Google AdSense
Included with ALL plans
Simply input your Google AdSense publisher ID on your Blog Engage profile, and your ads will run on the syndicated content. It takes all of 60 seconds to do this once, and every post has the potential to generate revenue for you.

Social Media Marketing
Included in Platinum, Business, Business Plus, and Direct to Front Page
Get your content shared by Brian & Blog Engage via Twitter (10K+ Followers), Facebook Page (5K+ Likes), LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Not only does this give you credibility from a social proof perspective, it ensures your content is marketed even when you don’t have time!

Blogs, Podcasts and more!
You may have noticed that the Business Plus plan allows me to syndicate up to 5 separate feeds. Even if you have only one website I can give you quick examples on why you might want at least three feeds.

  1. Your Main Blog
  2. Your Podcast – yes you CAN syndicate this! I have my Finance Rock Star Radio Show syndicated
  3. You Online TV Show or Video Podcast – I have one of these too. Call a Biz Hero

A colleague of mine says she has a Press Release / News feed for her business. That’s in addition to her regular blog and people DO subscribe to it! There are many ways this can be effectively used for your business.

Final Thoughts about Blog Engage

I’ve been a client of Blog Engage for two years, and I expect to be one for many more to come. Brian and his team work hard to deliver a valuable service to legitimate bloggers. I would encourage you to try out his services and see the results for yourself.

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Please note that the links provided here are affiliate links. I only support products and services that I know can deliver real value to your bottom line. In this case, I’m a long term client myself. If you’re intested, here’s my complete FTC Disclosure