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Would you buy a finance book from this person? Listen to her advice on pricing? Ask her to help with your cash flow issues?

If your answer was “Heck Yeah!” you’ve just made it past my velvet rope. Here’s your VIP pass and welcome drink.

Think you don’t need a velvet rope? Reflect for a minute on any well attended, high dollar event. There’s always a VIP entrance. If you really want to get into the event and desire the full experience you’ll pay for that VIP Pass. If the event was only a passing fancy you may wait in line, or you may just leave.

Embracing your quirks creates a profitable velvet rope. It intrigues and attracts people who desire your products and services. And they’re willing to pay.

Wondering who this is in the picture? Keep reading to find out.

Learn how to turn your quirks into a profit boosting velvet rope!

Recently my husband and I found ourselves child free on a Friday night. It was actually a bit bewildering. We could actually do something that didn’t involve Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Train, or the local park’s jungle gym.

I decided to do an internet search of local bars that offered live entertainment. I knew I’d hit gold when I found the website for Bogart’s Place and saw this:

We had a fabulous time at Bogart’s and will definitely go back. How did this quirky warning make them money?

  • The minute I saw this I knew my husband and I would enjoy this show. The $5 per person cover didn’t phase me. I wanted to enjoy our precious date night. $10 seemed cheap!

  • Throughout the show the performers would encourage the audience to do another shot or order another drink. As I write this in black and white it sounds pushy and obnoxious. Yet at the time it was just part of the show. It reminded me of parties where the host made sure your glass was always full. Read the warning again, ordering shots is offered as a solution.

Consider how your business might use a quirky “warning” to attract your perfect customers. Try posting it on your Facebook page or tweeting it out. Track the results and ask new clients what drew them in.

Using Quirks to Sell Professional Services

 Have you ever watched Mad Money with Jim Cramer? That’s Jim on the left. He’s an absolute riot. His show is geared towards the individual investor, and airs on CNBC.

Sound tedious? Never. Jim prowls his studio like a caged tiger. He has buttons that will play a variety of sound effects, and he uses them throughout the show. People calling in often start by yelling “Booyah!”.

How does Jim make money using his quirks?

  • His TV show has been on the air since 2005. Can you name another show geared towards the individual stock investor with a single host that has lasted as long? Jim entertains while teaching, and people tune in to watch.
  • Jim is also a best-selling author, tapping into the large pool of people who find investing tedious but love to make more money!

Do you provide a service that people view as drudgery? Do you think dentists rate higher than you on the fun scale? Heck, maybe you ARE a dentist.

Use your personality to stand out and draw people in. There are plenty of stock analysts out there, but only one Jim Cramer. Ask your friends and family about your most enjoyable / endearing / entertaining traits. How can you use those in your business?

Follow My Lead – The Numbers Whisperer™ Value Add Quirks

Have you figured out yet who that is in the picture? It’s me!

When I decided to do a photo shoot for my new book, How to be a Finance Rock Star: The Small Business Owner’s Ticket to Multi-Platinum Profits, the photographer and I decided some thematic pictures would be fun.

That leather jacket, which has a dragon hand painted on the back, was purchased back when I was in college. Right after dirt was invented. The wig (it IS a wig) was picked up while I lived in Hong Kong. I had been nervous about using those props – who would trust me about their finances?

Guess what… I attracted MORE people with that picture. I’ve even had it turned into a poster and display it when promoting my book at events. People are intrigued. Maybe finance can be fun….

I’ve also discovered my sense of humor is a great velvet rope quirk. I started sharing a “guarantee” off hand with people and was amazed at how it resonated.

You’ll laugh or I’ll eat my pocket protector.

Time and again I’ve had clients say to me that my fun, friendly, and at times silly approach is why they chose me.

Looking for a place that will help you embrace your unique quirks? Then you need to check out the Circus Serene by Tori Deaux. Tori also hosts a weekly Twitter chat with the hashtag #quirkybiz on Mondays at 1 p.m. CST. I even have a coffee mug from Tori that says Quirk It Like I Mean It.

Final Thoughts

What are some of your quirks? Are you using them in your business? If so, how do they drive your profit? Need help in applying your quirks for profit? Throw them out below for a crowd sourced solution.

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