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Small Business Profit Serial KillerDid you spend the weekend watching horror movies? Comforting yourself with the fact that it’s just a movie. Reminding yourself that Freddy/Jason/Michael/Jigsaw are all just fictional characters?

News Flash! A Small Business Profit Serial Killer is on the loose. That’s right. A creepy ax murderer is on the loose and he is targeting YOU.

The good news, those horror movies you spent the weekend watching actually have some great small business tips!

Learn how to stop the Serial Profit Killer before he gets YOU

As a long standing aficionado of hack-n-slash movies, I can tell you that there are rules if you want to survive. One of my personal faves, the Scream Series, even lays them out for you.

Good news, my Horror to Finance Decoder Ring is working. Here are your tips to survive.

Stop Small Business Profit Killers

Don’t Run Up the Stairs When Being Chased

In classic horror movies the hero(ine) often ran up the stairs when being chased by the killer. Of course, running up to the second or third floor really limits your options. In fact, it can be the death of you (I couldn’t help myself, the pun was just begging to be shared).

Seems pretty stupid right? A classic fight or flight reaction that can backfire, because the person fleeing isn’t stopping to think first. He or she isn’t thinking about what will happen once they get up the stairs. Is there an escape route up there? Or a weapon?

In business, even when faced with a situation that seems to require immediate action it pays to think ahead. Ask yourself will it really matter if I take 30 minutes to think before taking action?

The Exception: your office is going up in smoke. Do not, I repeat, do not wait 30 minutes to make a decision. Grab your laptop and run outside NOW.

How to be a Finance Rock Star

Stop Small Business Profit Killers

Don’t Split Up

If I had a dollar for every time a group says let’s split up to find the psycho killer I would be rich. Why would anyone want to wander around alone, in the dark, looking for an ax murderer?

While you may be a solopreneur, or only have a few employees, there is no reason to go it alone. Here are some easy ways to be in business for yourself and benefit from others.

  • Join or start a mastermind group
  • Have a business buddy. Schedule regular calls or meetings (at least once a month) to share insights, discuss challenges, and report on deliverables.
  • Read blogs on topics or activities that you find difficult. Participate in the comments – even ask questions!
  • Join your local chamber of commerce, or other local small business group.
  • Get a coach. Even pro athletes have coaches. In case you didn’t know, I am currently taking on new Profit Coaching Clients. Head over there and sign up for a free initial consult.

Stop Small Business Profit Killers

Don’t Assume the Villain is Dead

Scary movies are notorious for having villains with more lives than a car full of cats. It may take a combination of decapitation, stake through the heart, burning, holy water, silver bullet, etc… to finish off the villain.

As a business owner it is incredibly easy to fall into this trap. You’ve addressed a production problem, a service issue, or time management concern and consider the matter closed.

Without a process in place to review, and if necessary act, your problem may rise from the dead. Ready to attack your profits with a vengeance.

Final Thoughts

What’s your favorite scary movie? What rule in that movie do you see translating over to business?

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