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Carol Roth Small Business Finance Forum InterviewDoes gender play a role in finance? The overall online world? Carol Roth offers her insights in a fascinating discussion with yours truly, Chief Numbers Whisperer Nicole Fende.

For all the men reading this, we need your perspective.

Chime in. I know you’ve got an opinion.

A big shout out to Margie Clayman (@margieclayman) who inspired this discussion with a blog post titled A Few Observations on Gender Online. Be sure to check it out.

Watch Carol Point Out My Spinach

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Final Thoughts

If you are a guy, why don’t you like to comment here? Does the idea of Spike appeal to you? Or is Carol all wrong about men and cats? Be honest!

If you are not a guy (pretty sure there is only one other option…) what appeals to you about my blog? What makes you want to post comments?