Book Review: The Right-Brain Business Plan™

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Out of curiosity I did a search on Amazon for “small business” books. My results included 145,360 items! Even an avid reader like me wouldn’t even be able to put a dent in that reading list.

Then I ran a search for “small business plan”. This time my results included only 2,928 items. ONLY? That’s still about 2,927 more than most people will read! That’s why I did this book review.

Picking the wrong book to read on creating a small business plan can sabotage all your efforts and hard work.

Creative? Intuitive? Visual? Then you should read this book


I’ve stopped counting the number of times an entrepreneur has told me that business plans are a waste of time. Or that they only did one to get funding.

Traditional business plans may not add value to you. That does not mean all business plans will fail you.

See this picture on the right? That’s my business plan. I created it using The Right Brain Business Plan™ book by Jennifer Lee.

Jennifer was a successful corporate executive before leaving and starting her own business. Her book, and her whole philosophy, embraced rather than suppressed her creativity and quirkiness. The result was a book that opened up effective business planning to a entire group of people – Right Brainers.

The Numbers Whisperer™ gives The Right-Brain Business Plan™ 5 Stars, our highest rating.

I’ve had the chance to interview Jennifer Lee not once, but twice! She is truly an amazing person, and I encourage you to check out both of them. Read my blog postQ&A with Jennifer Lee. Listen to my radio show interview with Jennifer Lee.

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